Round & Shaped - Helium Balloons

Looking for a mix of large round giant helium balloons or maybe searching for a confetti balloon design to accessorize and compliment your event? Then there is the chance for you to make an order and receive nothing less than the highest quality. We boast a wide array of helium balloon packages designed to help you host and decorate your party on even a slim budget. Color combination, confetti balloons for your special and/or generalized event or probably a shaped helium balloon to bring a change to the show is more than what is offered. Get a balloon choice from a small as 30cm up to 90cm fitted with requests you make. These balloons can be reused if needed and also perfect for that amazing balloon release at the end of the show. No matter the selection, they can easily be filled with helium or air, safe for use and for any event. 

Large 45cm (18") size foil helium quality balloons.

Inflate with helium or air (hang tabs included for air fill).