Letters & Numbers - Giant 86cm Helium Balloons

Want to create a spectacular balloon arrangement that involves letter and numbers or you need a single balloon with the visual message? Our letters and numbers balloon collection may just be the perfect choice for you. We do not limit the numbers, letters or signs you need and can easily customize to make your balloon decoration special and unique. This category highlights the flexibility in balloon designs and once you make an order request, we will have it done. This allows for balloon customization to create your own message as the backdrop for the event, or to surprise that special celebrant of the party with a personalized note. Hosting a birthday or anniversary party and need the number customized to showcase the years, this can naturally be done and with the color of your choice or one that compliments the events’ color code. These giant letters and numbers balloons go up to 86cm (34”) of either aluminum foil or latex rubber, filled with helium or air. 

Giant 86cm (34") size foil helium quality balloons.

Inflate with helium or air (hang tabs included for air fill).