Novelty & Celebrations - Helium Balloons

Get all the novelty and celebration helium balloons needed for your event whether it be a birthday, wedding, anniversary or graduation ball. This category details all the latex and metallic designed balloons for helium or natural air pumping. We also boast a wide range of designer-friendly helium balloons to customize any special events or to add life to any “ordinary balloon decorations” you are used to. Stand in awe and watch how the world of balloon creativeness has been taken over with the likes of novelty balloons to include designer-led light balloons, special message banners, assorted modeling balloons and so much more. These bring a sense of humor to your event and allow your guests to experience what new life you can bring out from a balloon. This category highlights the difference in the way balloons is perceived in the eyes of the general public. They are an array of eye-catching amazement and fun. 

Inflate with helium or air (hang tabs included for air fill).